What is it?

ECO DIVER Challenge is a conservation project addressed for all scuba divers who want to protect the underwater environment.

Let us explain...

We do it to protect the environment we all love.
Divers who truly enjoy the underwater world are very happy to protect it!
We try to help and integrate them by organising this challenge.

    1. All registered participants receive their ECO BAGs.
      They use them to collect garbage during their daily dives.
      All retrieved garbage is then photographed and disposed.
      Participants shall send us all the photos by email:
      Those who document the biggest number of retrieved trash will recieve prizes at the end of this contest!
  • Ok cool, but how do I participate?

    1. Order your ECO BAG for free: click here
    2. Use your ECO BAG during dives and take all trash out of the water
    3. Make pictures of the garbage you collect
    4. Send us all pictures through e-mail:

    And what exactly are the rules? is there a timeframe?

    There are a couple of rules.... This is a personal effort not organised party´s. Just you, dive buddy and the bag. Every year there will be a winner of last year efforts, so you can subscribe together with photo's at every moment....